Updates lift target distributions to 9% p.a. (yr. 1) and 11.8% p.a. (yr. 3)*

Construction and operations savings associated with updated project design, generating 2,500,000 waves per year are set to improve the projected financial distributions of the Wisemans Surf Lodge Property Trust. A summary of the updates to the Product Disclosure Statement are included below, and all investors will benefit from the forecast uplift. No further action is required by existing investors, however our team is on-hand to answer any questions. A maximum of 200 retail investment positions remain to commence construction and the fund is anticipated to raise the final retail capital by October 14, unless achieved sooner. Upon financial close of the fund, it's intended the site will be readied to commence the estimated 12-month build programme in January 2023, breaking first waves late next year. 

Summary of key updates to the Product Disclosure Statement include:

+ Targeting distributions of 9.0% (yr. 1), 10.8% (yr.2), 11.8% (yr. 3)
+ Monthly rental income distributions to unit holders
+ Reduced total fund size
+ Property settlement completed
+ New Wave Technology Partner
+ Over 2.5m waves produced annually
+ Updated construction pricing as of July 2022
+ Increased contingency and escalation provisions
+ Sunset date extension
+ Operator to increase member main peak surfing hours by 50% 


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The Endless Surf technology is a pneumatics-based wave system, creating sustained wave heights of up to 2.3M across two key formats; a 13-second split peak (left or rights), and 25-second point break rides. The product is patented and owned by WhiteWater, a multinational giant of the waterpark business with over 40 years developing 5000+ projects specialising in pool construction and master-planning. 

The decision to part ways from our previous supplier flowed from a number of complicated internal and external factors. Wisemans development team has re-priced the project with preferred building partner, Erilyan and have updated trade cover, escalation, and contingency as of July 2022. The updated masterplan design requires less earthworks, water volumes and services, and provides a sympathetic and integrated environmental solution for the property’s topography. Since launching the Wisemans Surf Lodge Property Trust, managing risk, construction costs and maximising asset value has remained paramount for the project team.

The Endless Surf product generates over 2,500,000 waves per year on the main peak for the operator to monetise via the membership and events model. The operator's updated model is based upon ~70% utilisation. The base and turnover lease structure between the fund and the operator means as the operator increases their revenue, the turnover rent it pays increases and therefore the income available for distribution to investors in the WSLPT also increases.

With capital committed to-date and provisions for a construction debt facility to support the capital raise, there's a maximum 200 positions remaining to commence construction and the fund is anticipated to reach its capital target by October 14th, 2022. 

To secure an investment in the Wisemans Surf Lodge Property Trust, please urgently get in touch with our Investor Services Team:  investor@wisemans.surf, otherwise click here to download the PDS, TMD and start your application.

*Return and monthly distributions anticipated three months after the commencement of operations. Target year 1 returns of 9.0%, year 2 returns of 10.8% and stabilised year three returns of 11.8% p.a. Before deciding to invest, please consider the PDS and TMD, available at www.wisemans.surf and whether the Fund is appropriate given your objectives, financial situations and needs.


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Updates lift target distributions to 9% p.a. (yr. 1) and 11.8% p.a. (yr. 3)*