Wisemans adds 25sec point break + 13sec split peak with Endless Surf

Wisemans Surf Lodge will be home to Sydney’s first point break, with members able to access a 25-second ride with customisable sections of crystal-clear perfection. The new experience is made possible with wave technology partner, Endless Surf, creating length of rides inspired by Snapper Rocks, at sustained heights of up to 2.3M. Member access has been updated, Base Members can access 36 x 1-hr main peak sessions per year, Gold Members = 72 x 1-hr session and Platinum = 180 x 1-hr session (room nights remain unchanged).


The lagoon is 282m x 84.5m in dimensions with 48 energy-generating caissons along the wall and will operate two main formats:



Split Peak:
Two waves break from the centre of the energy generation wall, with left and rights breaking away from one another towards the pool-end for a ride time of up to 13 seconds. The system has completely customisable wave shapes, speed, even interval and sections.

Single Peak point break:
By linking all caissons together in synchronicity, this format allows a surfer to ride a wave the entire length of the lagoon, approximately a 150-metre long ride of 25 seconds, in either direction. 

From every main wave pulse peels a secondary beginner wave in the opposite direction towards the shoreline, giving members variety for their kids and guests to enjoy a safe environment for those new to surfing. All members receive a 50% increase in total main peak sessions (base membership increase from 24 to 36), and can trade down to the beginner wave at a ratio of 3:1 e.g. 1 x main peak session = 3 x beginner zone sessions. Check out the different surfer flows for each format below: 


Endless Surf is a pneumatics systems which uses pressurised air released through several caissons in sequence to produce wave energy. But it’s the understanding and control of this air and how it manipulates the body of water which sets wave technologies apart.

For Endless Surf, it's their specialised, patent-pending control of each individual caisson's power which have unlocked a remarkable level of customisation. Super computing also generate Computational Fluid Dynamics models that allow endless design scenarios and optimise wave quality.  Better yet, this control can be delivered straight to the surfer, with patented software called Swell Studio able to deliver personalised waves in real-time with various section shapes, wave speeds, heights, even wave interval for those who enjoy a little more time between the wave in front. The design brings the added benefit of being able to manage the volume of lefts and rights, according to what members are after, allowing the operator to optimise energy consumption.


"Powered by Endless Surf, Wisemans will break Sydney's very own version of Snapper Rocks: a 25-second point-break wave occupying all 48 caissons peeling down the length of the entire pool, either as a left or a right."



Endless Surf has all the benefits of other air-driven systems, with low maintenance requirements and largely constructed with “off-the-shelf” components from global technology and hardware conglomerates rated for a 20+ year operational life. The curves of the pool shape aren’t just for a resort-pool aesthetics either. They play a pivotal role in dampening water currents to allow wave variety to pump all day long, without the pool turning to rapids and aesthetically integrated perfectly with the topography of the Wisemans property. 

The company behind Endless Surf is WhiteWater, a multinational giant of the waterpark business, with over 40 years experience developing 5000+ projects specialising in pool construction and master-planning, including its first surf pool, Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando’s Disney World in 1989. Chief Engineer, Clement Ginestet, spent eight years in the design team at American Wave Machines (AWM). AWM created the PerfectSwell technology at BSR Surf Resort in Waco, Texas, and more recently, Japan's Surf Stadium – considered by many elite surfers as a benchmark in performance and variety of full-scale pneumatics systems.

Want to dive deeper? Check out Endless Surf's product clip here: 


Wisemans adds 25sec point break + 13sec split peak with Endless Surf