Waterfront design and protection

After an unusual trio of La Nina cycles, Australia's East Coast is shifting back towards typical weather patterns in 2023, providing development plans for Wisemans the ultimate window of uninterrupted building conditions. Despite a sunnier forecast, our flood planning is, and always has been, a major consideration in our property development plan and design. While we're likely to see significantly less rain in the foreseeable future, there's three key factors which ensure we’ve designed the fund’s assets to be protected for decades to come.

Our hotel infrastructure is elevated above maximum levels    

We didn’t just select this property for its spectacular valley views, 610 metres of riverfront access, its water license for the waves, ample power to the site or its ideal zoning for a surf lodge. What we also recognised was the natural gradient that elevates all key infrastructure – hotel rooms, restaurant, conference facilities, car parks, reception – above the 1-in-100-year flood level. This is a theoretical maximum that’s never happened on record at Wisemans Ferry. In fact, the property continued to trade throughout all previous rain events, providing accommodation, office space and services to the SES, Maritime and locals unable to return to their homes. 

Below image left: the naturally elevated infrastructure / Below image right: the view from the raised grounds



A 6 metre bund will future-proof the lagoon 

As part of the integrated landscape architecture and outdoor spaces with Dangar Barin Smith, the team have designed a bund which will border the surf lagoon. With endemic and native planting, mature trees and a restrained design approach, DBS will compose a unique amphitheatre for guests behind the shoreline, which will also double as an efficient use of excavated soil and separate different spaces across the lodge. Hills Shire Council has approved the design, permitting a 6-metre bund - higher than any recorded water-level during recent weather event. The below diagram showcases the height and cross-section in relation to other property assets.


Wave pools are designed to be underwater! 

Wave pools are concrete structures submerged in water 365 days per year, which handle wave velocity from all different directions several times a minute. We have over-engineered our structure into the underlying bedrock to be suitable for this incredible property and withstand any future river-side risks.

The most substantial part of the build is the wave generation wall. It requires the most depth, weight-bearing engineering, and power access. With an Endless Surf system, this complex component is integrated into the highest gradient on the site, the electromechanical equipment is positioned above all maximum levels, and the fans and blowers are housed in bunker-like structures and can be accessed and removed. In the unlikely event of river water reaching the lagoon, our expansive wave-generating equipment remains unaffected, non-structural shoreline amenities are moved, and the concrete lagoon can be cleaned and refilled with a few days.

Wisemans_PoolHigh_03 (1)-1

The State Government has projected population in riverside areas to skyrocket, with over 33,000 new homes built before 2026 across the north-west: Hills Shire, Hawkesbury and Blacktown councils. Deemed a State Significant Development, a 14-metre design extension to Warragamba Dam is being considered to handle supply level fluctuations which would reduce maximum water levels significantly. 


For further information, feel free to get in touch with us at investor@wisemans.surf 


Waterfront design and protection